"The best Indian food I have ever had."

Suffice it to say that I have fanstasies about eating at this place that make my girlfriend jealous. I live four hours away but still consider driving here for lunch. The best Indian food I have ever had. The lamb korma and chicken tikka masala (medium spice) are both to die for. The shrimp curry was good and might be the best dish at another establishment, but didn’t live up to the exquisite delight of the previous dishes in our opinion.

 The decor is nice but out of place–perhaps a previous frozen yogurt smoothie shop? But who cares, the food is what you go for. We ate there twice. The first time the service was excellent and the recommendations for what to try were perfect (the owner, perhaps?). The second time the service was fine but the cashier didn’t have any knowledge of the food.

 Now who do I have to bribe and/or perform unspeakable actson to get a location opened in Las Cruces?

Diner from Las Cruces, NM Michael C. 11/04/2014

"Food here is consistently exceptional."

Kababeque is a through and through FIVE for me. Even my Indian friends think it is authentic. My husband has cravings for Kababeque on a weekly basis (sometime those frozen Trader Joe’s indian dinners just won’t do), and we were so bummed when the place was closed for renovation (my husband almost had tears in his eye when he learned he had to go without Kababeque for such an extended period of time and impulsively checked on the progress of renovation every time he passed University… welcome to our life).

Now the renovated space feels very clean and modern. While the dine-in area is still quite small, it is a lot opener than it used to be. Food here is consistently exceptional. I haven’t found anything I don’t like, but a word of caution, some dishes can be quite spicy. While my husband’s favorite is the Tikka Masala, I love the Q Rolls (especially the tandoori chicken, but it seems it’s no longer on the menu). The Aloo naan and Q-rolls are yummy, but it can be FIREY!

Price is reasonable, and wait can be long. My mouth is watering while writing this review!!! Need to get my Kababeque fix tonight!

Diner from Sunnyville, CA Shijie F. 07/07/2014

"I've been going to kababeque for about four years now......"

Three words. Chicken tikka masala. Okay, two more. Garlic naan. That’s all you need to know. I’ve been going to kababeque for about four years now, and was so upset when I started working at a building off campus and couldn’t walkk there for lunch anymore. Alas, my lunchtime woes endedwhen kababeque started delivering to the 6th and drachman area. So when I carpooled with my husband and was left carless, I could fret no more and once again have tikka masala at least once or twice a week! Now if they only served Coke products….

Diner from Tucson, AZ Jonna Z. 11/02/2014


 I LOVE THIS PLACE! I hate driving to University because of parking and how busy it is down there but this place is worth all the effort. Its definitely my favorite Indian restaurant in town. My favorite has to be the Lamb biryani. I constantly crave food from this place. The staff are nice and the place is clean. I love watching the music videos that they play on thei Tvs.

Diner from Tucson, AZ Luanne S. 11/21/2014